Why team happiness is one of my KPIs

Author: Savings United

Anastasia Bilzhause, Content Lead – Team US, spoke to We Are The City about why team happiness is such an important topic for leaders. 

“When you acknowledge and celebrate the success of the whole team, as well as individual performance, it makes working together all the more fulfilling. There are so many contributions within a team that deserves acknowledgement, from someone making a suggestion, to that suggestion being translated into action, possibly by another team member.

“Many personalities make up a team, and each of those personalities has a role to play. Every person should be celebrated for their contribution, no matter how big or small. Arranging team dinners, sharing news across internal communication channels, and simply remembering to say thank you are just a few ways to ensure success is acknowledged. These are often great ways to boost team morale, which in turn encourages my colleagues to feel confident about their performance and appreciated for their hard work.” Read the article

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