MarTech Series Interview with Panayotis Nikolaidis, CEO and Founder at Savings United

Author: Savings United

“We offer bespoke Performance Marketing solutions alongside publishers. At the moment, we have partnerships in 13 countries across the world. As I mentioned above, we provide a new revenue stream for publishers so that they can concentrate on their core objectives.

“On the other side, the nuts and bolts of what we do is helping advertisers make the most of their marketing efforts. Initially, we offer nuanced online coupon strategies and drive new customers to advertisers sites. In addition, we offer a range of solutions such as PPC, online to offline campaigns and influencer strategies to enable advertisers to reach their target markets with tailored messaging, which is proven to persuade shoppers to purchase.

“Since print has been in decline for some time and ad revenue is decreasing, we knew our solutions had the potential to deliver excellent results for our partners. We’ve spent the last few years refining our business model in Europe, where we have changed the shape and pace of the coupon arena. Just ten months ago, we launched the first of several projects in the US, and we are already seeing similar results.

Panayotis spoke to Sudipto Ghosh at MarTech Series about our work, our culture and much more.

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