How Combining DevOps and Agile Can Ease Black Friday Pressure

Author: Savings United

“Every year, seasonal peaks such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring a higher volume and faster pace of work, as well as a considerable amount of pressure. This comes with a number of challenges, including managing traffic influx, ensuring top-notch digital experience, rebuilding catalogue infrastructure and carrying out load and performance testing.

“Development teams need to navigate increasingly complex tasks in time spans that are shorter than usual. That’s where Agile comes in: With its fast-fail nature, Agile fills the gaps between limited resources and market needs. By prioritizing self-organizing teams and robust feedback, its flexibility allows teams to rapidly refocus as business requirements inevitably shift.

“DevOps, on the other hand, offers a more systematic approach. Despite its various overlaps with Agile, its signature benefit is its heavy reliance on the collaboration between development and operations throughout the entire product lifecycle. With continuous testing and delivery, DevOps ensures the delivered product is fully in line with customers’ needs.”

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