Why Google Should Continue to Embrace the Publisher Approach to Commerce Content

Author: Savings United

“In an environment where brand safety is more important than ever, publishers’ approach to vetting, selecting and featuring advertisements, such as coupons and offers, provides consumers with easy-to-find, reliable and credible settings in which to browse commerce content. With quality at the fore, we don’t see any contradiction between such collaborations and Google’s mission to surface the most useful, relevant information for users.

“After all, reputable media houses choose their content partners carefully through a tested and intense process. Their main goal is to provide users of the newly created content section an experience that matches their brand DNA, which means working in sync with editorial guidelines and producing the highest quality commerce content every step of the way.”

Many of the notable publishers that have adopted this approach have proven track records. They have worked hard to earn the trust of readers, big platforms and brands over the years by consistently delivering first-rate content.”

Read the full article from, our CEO and Founder, Panayotis Nikolaidis on AdvertisingWeek 360

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