The Future of Promotional Marketing

Author: Savings United

Jesper Johansson, Senior Partnership Manager – Team UK, was one of several experts who spoke to Uniqodo – The Promotion Engine about the future of promotional marketing.

“In an age of marketing and retail uncertainty, digital and partner marketing is one of the few industries that can be agile and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Couponing continued to incrementally grow in an industry that is heavily cashback focused. In addition, browser extensions really took off, as their core is all about cutting down and simplifying the user journey while still providing the users the best deals available.

As the industry is constantly changing and improving, it continues to remain an adaptation of the same industry we all know and love. Furthermore, with Uniqodo strengthening its foothold in the last few years since its inception, its solution has really bolstered newer players coming into the market, allowing them to offer unique codes to users, ensuring there’s no leakage anywhere else. On an industry-wide level, this has helped brands feel a lot safer when creating a strategy around discounting, ensuring the right site is displaying the right code, to the right user.”

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