We believe in the potential of marketing, not just as a means of revenue, but as a driver of sustainable consumption.

With over 10 years of industry-leading experience and expertise, we are changing the way we work – striving for a model that is in line with the needs of people and the planet.

Savings United.

We understand the paradox of a couponing business trying to become a sustainability leader, but every day, Savings United is changing the way we think about marketing, profits, and work itself.

Our vision is to shape a world in which commerce and media go hand in hand with the people’s and the planet’s prosperity.

This collective vision for the future of work, media, and commerce unites a global team and together, we’re building a company fit for the social and environmental crises and opportunities before us.

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Our values


Strive for excellence” is the motto that drives our company. The Savings United team is devoted to exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders in every single activity or project.


Communication and transparency are essential to building long-lasting, credible and trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders. We keep all our internal and external stakeholders constantly informed about the status of the organization and the projects in which we are involved.


We believe in meritocracy. It is, therefore, necessary that employees feel free and motivated to propose ideas, make decisions and take responsibility. The entrepreneurial spirit of each team member is the force that drives us to succeed.


Friendship is what makes this company the coolest place to work. It is the glue that holds the entire team together. Striving for excellence is not easy, but if we are all rowing in the same direction, we can go far and beyond.


Passion and ambition are part of our behavior and way of life. From the bottom to the top of the organization we believe without passion nothing moves forward.


As a company, we strive for sustainability in all areas. Whether it is organic company food, 100% green energy used in our offices, recycling our waste or relationships with our partners and customers. Learn more about our impact:

Sustainability at Savings

Building trust and value

At Savings United, we pride ourselves on being a leader in couponing. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that every shopper accesses reliable and valuable offers, enabling a shopping experience built on trust and satisfaction. 

This dedication to quality extends to our partnerships with publishers, where we collaborate closely to create sustainable and profitable e-commerce environments. 

Together, we strive to enhance revenue streams while maintaining the integrity and reputation of each publisher, making us an experienced and prefered partner in the industry.

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Our commitment

Savings United is owned and led by its founders, who drive our progressive culture and values. These values are reflected in how we work as a team, make decisions, and set goals. We are committed to showing other companies what is possible when people and the planet are as important as profits.


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