Savings United is a leading coupon partner of premium media companies, connecting brands with smart shoppers.


Hamburg Germany


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Panayotis Nikolaidis


Digiday & Deloitte Awards


Roberto, Hannah, Malte, Gulnaz, Loic, Milena…. Those are just some of the friendly, and ambitious professionals (representing a total of 12 nationalities) who form our global team.

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We are committed to:

Supporting publishing houses by creating a supplementary revenue stream and strengthening their offers to readers.

Helping users have an exceptionally satisfying shopping experience.

Providing advertisers with innovative means of converting users into customers.

Making Savings United the best place to work for highly skilled professionals


The entrepreneurial spirit of each team member is the force that drives us to succeed.

From newcomers to the most senior employees, we encouraged all to propose ideas, make decisions, and take responsibility.

‘Strive for excellence’ is the motto that drives this company.

The Savings United team is devoted to exceeding the expectations of our employees, partners and users in every single activity or project.

Friendship is what makes this company the coolest place to work. It is the ‘glue’ that holds the entire team together.

Striving for excellence is not easy, but if we are all ‘rowing in the same direction’, we can go far and beyond.

We believe without passion nothing moves forward.

Passion and ambition are part of our conduct and way of life. We love what we do; we don’t give up, and we celebrate every milestone we achieve along the way.


Communication and transparency are essential to building long-lasting, credible, and trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders.

We keep all our internal and external stakeholders informed continuously about the status of the organisation and the projects in which we are involved.

As a company, sustainability is one of our core values. We aim for sustainable relationships with our stakeholders and strive for an environmentally neutral working space. For instance, our office is equipped with organic food and 100% green energy.