In the competitive digital marketplace, building awareness and credibility for brands is becoming increasingly costly and complex, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Savings United combines data-driven insights with a human touch to promote cost-effective sales for advertisers, affiliate networks, and agencies in a safe, trusted environment. We navigate the ever-changing digital marketplace on your behalf to optimize rankings and drive sales.

In a marketplace full of fake codes, Savings United offers authentic value you and your target customers can trust. We manually create every coupon to ensure credibility for your brand and a positive experience for your customers.

Plus, our exclusive focus on long-term collaborations with premium media publishers offers unique insights for building profitable partnerships. By connecting you to premium media publishers, Savings United delivers access to new audiences in 11 markets.

2023: 400 million interactions with high-intend shoppers in 11 markets

Our customized content is guaranteed to convert conscious consumers to loyal customers on a local and global scale. 

2022: increased Order Value Driven by 27% and Average Order Value for Advertisers by 11%

Don’t just take our word for it … we earned the CJ Global Excellence Award in 2022 for excellence in the affiliate industry and “driving revenue growth in a highly effective, innovative, collaborative, or creative way”.

Here’s what the team at CJ had to say about working with us.

"Savings United & CJ work incredibly closely and we’re proud of our partnership. CJ has supported Savings United’s global goals, collaborating to drive impressive year over year growth for numerous key metrics. There’s no doubt that together, we’ll continue to share success on a global scale. Strong partnerships and relationships are at the core of the affiliate ecosystem, and CJ is delighted to partner with Savings United.”

CJ Publisher Development Team

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