Savings United’s culture of innovation extends beyond our products and services to our leadership and ways of working. We are reimagining the future of work by creating a holistic work culture, thoughtful benefits, and a commitment to the sustainability of our planet.

Working at Savings

Our fully remote, international team offers opportunities to learn and grow within a dynamic environment of diverse values and worldviews.

As a Saver, you’ll join a thriving community working collectively to become a better place to work and in doing so, build a better world.

We believe in shared ownership

We believe in shared ownership, so we work in an agile environment where decision-making is decentralized and driven by the team.

We believe in autonomy

We are entrepreneurs, so we believe people do their best work when given the freedom and autonomy to bring their good ideas to life.

We believe in a healthy workplace

We talk often about the issues important to sustaining a healthy life at work and beyond – like physical and mental health, clear communication of needs and feelings, our responsibility for the environment, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. And we work together to move from education towards action.

We believe in human connections

We invest in building strong working relationships, even as a remote team. Savers have opportunities throughout the year to engage with their teams in person through team-bonding events, co-workings, conferences, and more.

Human-Centred Perks

Our vision for the future of work involves challenging ourselves to leave behind the norms driven by outdated workplace paradigms. We believe that when companies are redesigned to equally consider the needs of the business, its employees, and society, abundance follows. In a culture of “more”, employees’ innovative thinking and ways of working leads to greater flexibility – to spend more time with the people you love, to give to the causes you care about, and to sustain better physical and mental health.

Savings United People & Culture Mental Health
4-day work week

As advocates and early adopters of the 4-day work week, Savings United offers societal and personal benefits for our people and the communities to which we belong, all while enjoying our Fridays off!


We make sure all our employees have access to healthcare. In countries without access to publicly-subsidized healthcare, Savings United covers 100% of employee premiums and discounted benefits to their families.


Savings United offers free and confidential access to coaching services for mental health support and diversity, equity and inclusion guidance.


In addition to six weeks of PTO, we offer one week of community service days each year, so that we all can give back in our local communities.


We are a parent-friendly company, providing paid parental leave options, flexibility and thoughtful policies for all parents.

And we’re just getting started! As our team grows Savings United is committed to continually evaluating the needs of our employees to develop new benefits that meet them where they are in life.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at Savings United. Every day, we are working collectively towards sustainability centered around people, the planet, and our profits. Please visit our impact page to learn more about how we put this core value into practice.