“Savings United unites people from different backgrounds who have the same mindset and same goal”

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For International Women’s Day, Fabiane, Anastasia, Milena, Reyes, Tracy and Alexis share some of the things they value in their lives and careers. They are some examples of the inspirational and talented people that make up Savings United.

From left to right, Fabiane, Anastasia, Reyes, Milena, Tracy and Alexis


“When I started to work with SEO, I fell in love. It’s an area that you can look at from so many different perspectives. There’s a place for every mind. This is what I really like about digital.”- Fabiane Mendes de Lima


Originally from Brazil, Fabiane loves to draw and is a keen climber. She works in the On-Page and BI global teams and she loves all things tech-related.

“Savings United unites people from different backgrounds who have the same mindset and the same goal.” – Anastasia Bilzhause

Content enthusiast, Anastasia is passionate about travel. As well as China, she has lived in San Francisco and leads our US On-Page team.

“My role connects the dots. I work closely with different teams across our organisation, to deliver the best quality product to our users and partners.”– Milena Toporek

Savings United stalwart, Milena has been with us for over five years and heads up our Product team. Originally from Poland, she has lived all over Europe including the UK and Spain.

“I learn new things every day. When you think you have something under control, you discover there are more windows that you need to explore. And this is what maintains my excitement.”Reyes Rodríguez

Animal lover and Content Manager for our Spanish team, Reyes is studying a masters in SEO part-time. She has two cats and would love to live in a house in the countryside in the future.

“I want to be an entrepreneur. We all have to have goals in our lives, and mine is to go as far as I can, which means owning my own business but most of all it means being happy.” – Tracy Kabuya

Parisien and marketing specialist, Tracy is a hip hop dancer in her spare time. When she’s not dancing, Tracy, who is also a keen cyclist, is often found exploring Hamburg by bike at the weekend.

“If I want to try something new, I will go ahead and do it. Like packing my bags and flying to a different country. I have a curiosity for life.” – Alexis Ty

From the United States to Germany, Alexis works in the US team as an Onpage Manager. She has a background in International Business and loves working with people from all over the world.

Here at Savings United 50% of our leadership positions are held by women, and women make up 60% of our employees overall.

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