At Savings United, our sustainability and impact targets are centered around three interconnected pillars: People, Planet, and Profit.


People are at the centre of everything we do.


We make sure all our employees have access to healthcare. In countries without access to publicly-subsidized healthcare, Savings United covers 100% of employee premiums and discounted benefits to their families.

​​We are a parent-friendly company, providing paid parental leave options, flexibility and thoughtful policies for all parents.

We continually look at the needs of our employees to develop new benefits that meet them where they are in life.

For more details on our human-centered perks, visit the People & Culture page

Professional Development and Employee Satisfaction

Savers have the opportunity to design learning experiences that align their personal interests with our business objectives. Savings United supports Savers’ professional development through financial support, coaching, paid training opportunities, and time away from work. 

We care a lot about what Savers think about the company and their work, so we get their feedback regularly through surveys and focus groups on employee satisfaction and engagement. According to our 2022 COPSOQ survey, we’re proud that Savers outperform industry standards in greater engagement with work, lower burnout, higher quality of social relationships and sense of community with other Savers, and report a higher degree of freedom, support, and recognition from the company than our industry peers. Still, we continuously challenge ourselves to find ways to do better.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

As a global company with a range of identities, we are committed to embracing both the complexities and growth our differences can create with a strategic and thoughtful approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). 

In 2022, our DEIB working group was formed, with a mission to build a more equitable and inclusive company by providing Savers with access to education, resources, and support. We hope to drive social change internally at Savings United, but also with our partners, our communities, and for our planet. 

Together, we envision a company where equity is non-negotiable, inclusion is accessible, diversity is celebrated, and every Saver feels a sense of belonging. 


Savings United is owned and led by its founders, who:

1. drive and support our culture and values with shareholders, and

2. maintain an open and transparent culture for employees.

Savers are empowered to operate on the principle of “self-organization,” which not only guides feedback between peers but continually challenges us to ask “Who should make this decision?” and “Who should be in consultation?”. We seek to drive decision-making power in every level of our organization, where problem solving can be thoughtful, thorough, agile and effective.

Charitable Giving

Savings United invests a portion of our profits, guided by four key principles:

1. We give to the social impact projects Savers care most about.

2. We are active corporate citizens, contributing to the communities in which we operate.

3. We respond to global crises, such as the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, the war in Ukraine, and the restriction of women’s reproductive rights in the United States.

4. We donate to causes that have a positive impact on the climate, such as reforestation with Treedom and the Green Ethiopia Foundation.

Savings United also offers each of our employees one week of community service days each year, so that they can give back to their own communities.


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at Savings.

As a global company, we’re mindful of our potential footprint and reflect care and responsibility for the planet in fully remote work, a 4-day work week, and sustainable travel policies.

When it comes to corporate climate action, Savings United goes above and beyond industry standards for ESG reporting and calculates our carbon footprint on a yearly basis. In 2023, we began setting reduction targets and investing in sustainable projects to offset our unavoidable emissions, like flying to intercontinental meetings and events. 

While we are continually working to improve our sustainability efforts, since 2019, we’ve been members of the Leaders for Climate Action community that now consists of 3,000+ practitioners from 40+ countries driving climate action in and through their organizations.

Balancing planet & profit

Our leaders balance financial performance with environmental performance and we work hard at integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business model.

Sustainability advocates

Every Savings United team has "sustainability advocates" – working groups that ensure environmental concerns are considered in every project and business decision.

Planet United

We hold quarterly "Planet United" updates that communicate the impact of our sustainability strategies to employees. 

Continued learning

We support all Savers in becoming “climate positive transformers” by sharing regular communications on sustainability topics with resources for continued learning.


Business Model

Recognizing the paradox of being a sustainable couponing company, Savings United is building a platform that uses its power to do good, that helps consumers buy more consciously and that helps reduce the negative climate impact of ecommerce.

We believe that sales and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, so we are working to offer consumers more tools and information to understand and minimize the negative environmental impacts of their purchases.  “Green coupons,” “green campaigns” and comparison sites on our current platforms offer conscious consumers the tools to do this by highlighting sustainable offers and brand information.

Our market-first partnership with Earthmark and The Independent shows conscious consumers a sustainability rating for each featured brand. Savings United, The Independent and Earthmark were honoured to receive the Social Impact Award at the 2024 Rakuten European Golden Links Awards.


At Savings United, we believe that journalism is essential to a healthy democracy, so our services help premium media publishers create sustainable revenue streams, allowing them to do what they do best - deliver high-quality journalism.

NGO Collabs

As a company, we’re thinking deeply about the most effective ways that we can be good for people and the planet and have begun partnering with NGOs to address the most pressing challenges of our generation.

Using our profits for good

A portion of our profits are strategically mobilized to support organizations responding to the crises of climate change and forced migration.

Working with NGO partners

Savers also have the opportunity to use their skills and experience on pro-bono projects with our NGO partners.

The goal of our giving is to achieve measurable change at individual, organizational, and systemic levels. For example, in response to the refugee crisis facing Europe, Savings United partnered with Lean On Us to sponsor a refugee family, provide in-kind marketing support, and donate a portion of our profits to address the humanitarian funding gap. As global needs continue to evolve, so will our response to the needs, while maintaining our commitment to do good in the world - for people and our planet.